Implementing an effective response to a sudden crisis necessitates adequate resources and preparedness
However prepared you may be, adversity can strike at any time. At such a time, your organisation would do well to be equipped with an effective crisis response mechanism.

Credible information and communication are essential to responding to a crisis in a timely and efficient manner. Be it civil unrest, politically motivated violence, criminal extortion or natural disasters; our experienced team helps you tackle a crisis head on and preserve the safety of your organisation and its assets whilst ensuring business continuity.
Selected tab:

  • Crisis Consulting
  • Crisis Response & Evacuations
  • Political Risk Management

Crisis Consulting

Our team prepares clients to withstand the impact of hazardous business disruptions, ensuring you recover from crises rapidly and efficaciously, while preserving your business integrity. Across India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, we enhance our clients’ abilities to mitigate financial losses and reputational damage, protect critical assets, business operations, employees and their families.

Crisis Response & Evacuations

During times of emergency, our teams with their knowledge of the local terrain in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, possess the needed advantage to get your employees out of danger and bring them home safe. Our crisis response specialists will be able to provide logistical support while facilitating successful response and evacuations from crisis hit areas.

Political Risk Management

We help our clients understand the the external threats surrounding their business operations, and mitigate against the at times, life threatening impact of political threats. Our integrated approach incorporates intelligence and risk management, enabling our clients to have a comprehensive insight into the threats emanating from their political environment, and implement timely solutions to reduce the impact of business disruption.