Integrating fraud risk controls with ongoing compliance and monitoring policies, is crucial to avoiding financial and reputational damage.
In today’s increasingly global business environment, gaps in an organisation’s internal controls leave them vulnerable to exploitation.

Unfortunately, any business can be a victim of fraud. Combined with decades of extensive experience, we can provide the added advantage of technical capabilities to assessments and investigations. Our accounting, eDiscovery, language skills and expertise combine to form an extensive forensic investigation framework.
Selected tab:

  • Fraud Risk Assessments & Audits
  • Anti Fraud Programme Evaluation
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Asset Tracing
  • Third Party Due Diligence

Fraud Risk Assessments & Audits

Whether it’s money laundering, bribery, financial statement fraud, tax evasion, or other acts of deception, our team helps companies across a range of industries understand the intricacies of fraud risks. Our fraud risk assessment and audit services keep clients more prepared and resilient, to confront challenges in complex business environments.

Anti Fraud Programme Evaluation

Our team helps clients pursue proactive approaches to fraud detection, bringing on the expertise needed to successfully implement customised anti-fraud programmes. By understanding your organisation, we are able to facilitate informed decisions on evaluating and altering internal controls, helping you mitigate risks of fraud.

Fraud Investigation

Successful acts of fraud are primarily facilitated by exploiting gaps in an organisation identified by internal or external actors. With decades of experience behind our team, we believe in taking a client focused approach to helping you understand the complexities of your business environment, and provide realistic approaches to investigating resolving issues of fraud threatening your business operations.

Asset Tracing

As regulatory norms and legislations vary across geographies, the movement of assets and transfer of funds can be done rapidly, facilitated by the creation of complex structures obscuring the ownership of assets. Conducting asset searches all over India, we help clients identify tangible and intangible assets, personal property, financial accounts and more.

Third Party Due Diligence

We understand the value of timely prior information, or intelligence. Our team continues to keep clients informed and prepared to address the challenges that come with conducting operations, be it with partners, vendors or customers. Knowing the individuals and entities you engage with, can be the difference between the success and failure of your business.