Timely and accurate intelligence helps organizations preempt threats
Preserving your assets goes beyond physical security.

As global markets constantly evolve, we focus on understanding your operational environment, in order to customise our solutions and give you the foresight needed to mitigate threats to your business.
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  • Strategic Intelligence & Analysis
  • Political Intelligence & Analysis
  • Customised Intelligence & Analysis
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Lookout

Strategic Intelligence & Analysis

This is an online subscription service providing comprehensive insights on political and security risks that may impact a business’ operational viability. Government policies, bilateral relations, political dynamics, and national security challenges are ever evolving in today’s globally connected economies. This service provides a personalised range of reports according to country or regional preferences. Combining the expertise of our analysts with on ground and online insights, this service is designed to assist clients with evaluating the political and business climates of investment driven markets, and the opportunities and challenges presented.

Political Intelligence & Analysis

Understanding the political environment surrounding our clients’ operations, is paramount to ensuring their integrity, safety, and security. Our team of analysts and subject matter experts work with clients to understand, prevent, and tackle political threats which often target vulnerable businesses. The analysis we provide helps businesses acquire timely insights to facilitate diligent decision making and prevent financial or physical harm to your organisation and its employees.

Customised Intelligence & Analysis

Challenges in unfamiliar countries and their markets come in various forms. Our analysts work closely with clients, to address the hazards they face in specific environments. With our integrated research and analysis capabilities, we deliver reports tailored to a client’s specific requirements, assessing the economic, political and security risks that come with establishing, operating and expanding business ventures.

Operational Intelligence

Managing threats to clients’ business operations requires a diverse approach, beyond normative intelligence gathering tools. Our operational intelligence services incorporate an integrated approach, where our team of analysts and seasoned professionals work in tandem with one another. By utilising unconventional intelligence gathering approaches, we work towards understanding and identifying threats posed by the external and internal sources of a client’s operations. We offer a homogenous mix of on ground and subject matter expertise to deploy a comprehensive intelligence gathering programme.


As international travel and business go hand in hand, our team of analysts provide LOOKOUT incident alerts, designed to help our clients to remain aware of global security incidents which may impact their business continuity.

With the advantage of timely intelligence using a combination of on-ground and in-house expertise, we help our clients preserve their business operations and personal safety