The safety of your assets is pivotal to business continuity anywhere
Understanding the external and internal environments of your business is crucial to managing threats posed to your operations.

As global environments constantly evolve, we focus on understanding your operations to customise our solutions and keep your organisation resilient to threats.
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  • Security Risk Assessments
    and Audits
  • Security Master Planning
  • Policy Development &
  • Special Events Security Management
  • Hospitality Risk Consulting
  • Embedded Security Consultants

Security Risk Assessments and Audits

Our security risk assessments and audit services can help you protect your offices and employees. We deliver realistic and pragmatic recommendations for you to take the necessary steps to mitigate the threats we identify.

The effectiveness of any security risk assessments or audits does not rely on addressing one element alone, but examining an organisation as a broader set of elements forming a single whole. We evaluate clients’ assets and associated risk, threats and vulnerabilities in a comprehensive and detailed manner, enabling us to tailor solutions to your unique security requirements. Integrating our knowledge capabilities, allows us to expand our risk assessment outlook and deliver thorough security solutions

Security Master Planning

Our security specialists are equipped to design and implement a fully integrated risk management master plan for your organisation, from developing policies and to training your employees and facilitating technological solutions, providing the means for proactive risk mitigation, to preserve the continuity of your business.

Viable security plans are risk oriented, maximising its effectiveness through our in house expertise and vast network of partners on the ground to deliver comprehensive and integrated security solutions.

Policy Development & Implementation

Our risk management experts make developing and implementing risk management policies much simpler for your organisation, empowering you and your employees to mitigate threats and keep your business compliant.

An effective security management policy draws upon an in-depth understanding of an organisation , its immediate and extended environments.

Special Events Security Management

Large scale and commercial events are potential high value targets for acts of crime and terrorism. Our services provide the proactive security needed for corporate, entertainment and sporting events to name a few, to ensure your plans run smoothly without incident.

Across India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, our local knowledge and resources enable our specialists to deliver risk management solutions effectively, simplifying the complexities that come with high profile events.

Hospitality Risk Consulting

Hotels and resorts continue to remain vulnerable to acts of violent crime and terrorism across the globe. High profile guests whether business travellers, politicians or celebrities, risk exposure to cyber penetration through common internet connection networks, including WiFi.

Our team comes with extensive expertise and experience in the hospitality industry, to meet your physical and cyber security requirements.

Embedded Security Consultants

We offer a high calibre range of highly qualified and experienced professionals to businesses seeking on-site security risk management expertise for a short period, or to build in-house support capabilities. Our approach focuses not only on the skills of the individual but their compatibility with your organisation, where we would work closely with you through each stage of the process, ensuring we deliver in accordance with your organisation’s procedures and risk thresholds.