Your employees are your biggest assets to secure the safety of your organisation
Acquiring the skills to implement risk mitigation solutions enhances your organisation’s ability to combat threats.

Our travel security and risk management training programmes can be customised to your organisation’s specific needs. We offer training which is realistic and practical, to empower our clients and their employees with new skills.
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  • Executive Protection
  • Incident Management
  • Command Centre Operations
  • Open Source Intelligence
    Gathering & Analysis
  • First Aid
  • Female Personal Safety Training

Executive Protection

Our Executive Protection training programme provides clients with the abilities to deploy and execute close protection capabilities on the ground. Your organisation stands to gain the added advantage of local expertise and knowledge of the challenges posed by operating in countries such as India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Incident Management

Diverse and increasingly global working environments come with risks of their own. The workplace of an organisation draws on a range of complexities, at times endangering the safety of a facility or an office and its employees.

Our security specialists bring on an expansive range of knowledge experience in resolving incidents including suspected acts of terrorism, workplace conflict and medical emergencies to name a few. We deliver incident management training courses to help clients cope, respond and continue to operate their business, reducing the impact of disruption.

Command Centre Operations

Be it intelligence gathering, travel risk management or crisis response, a command centre is vital to addressing an organisation's security risk mitigation requirements in a timely and efficient manner.

Across a range of services, our security specialists come with industry based experience in deploying command centre programmes and training operators, enabling us to deliver security solutions to our clients in a truly collaborative capacity.

Open Source Intelligence Gathering & Analysis

Growing accessibility to publicly available information has driven the emergence of Open Source Intelligence, or OSINT, as a versatile research tool. Be it Geopolitical Intelligence or more, our OSINT training programme empowers clients with the practical expertise needed to successfully utilise the resources available to them.

First Aid

Our team of security professionals, draw upon extensive experience and specialist skills to provide first aid medical training to clients and their employees. The first aid training programme is delivered by qualified instructors, who have worked in challenging environments.

Female Personal Safety Training

Our Women’s Awareness & Safety Programme can be customised to fit the requirements of participants, taking into account your organisation, the employee, as well as external and internal environments. We take an individual based approach to provide practical recommendations, ensuring female participants are left confident in their ability to mitigate security hazards posed to them in their day to day life.