Simplifying and eliminating the risks of travel to challenging countries
Unexpected challenges can prove difficult when taking your business into different countries. We provide our clients with the knowledge required to safely travel across the globe, avoid threats and return home.

Our proactive risk mitigation strategies enhances your employees’ safety and protects your company’s human and information assets from ever evolving threats.
Selected tab:

  • Pre-Travel Briefings
  • Executive Protection
  • Customised Travel Risk Assessments

Pre-Travel Briefings

Our custom made travel briefings help clients prepare for travel prior to their trip, and provide them with the adequate awareness required to facilitate secure travel. The briefings are aimed at educating travelers on risks associated with travel, security, health, local customs, cultural norms and business etiquettes along with practical measures to avoid or mitigate the challenges foreseen based upon a traveller's social identity and destination.

Executive Protection

Today, global businesses increasingly reach out to emerging markets, often in unfamiliar and challenging geographies. Our executive protection team possesses tacit knowledge of their local environments, providing the foundation needed to facilitate a preemptive approach to secure travel within India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This is a customisable set of support services and includes protection of groups and individuals, security advisories, journey management, risk assessments, venue surveys, and surveillance.

Customised Travel Risk Assessments

Our customised travel risk assessment services provide clients with realistic and pragmatic insights, tailor made to suit their requirements. At the core of our approach is understanding the risk landscape presented by a traveller’s itinerary, and how it impacts their safety and security. Prior to their journey, travellers are provided with actionable assessments of the political and security risks presented during travel.