A Boutique Risk Management Company

For Those Wanting Tailored Solutions

GRID91 was established in 2016 with a goal to serve clients desiring tailored risk management solutions. We firmly believe that - One size does not fit all.

Our team of 22 professionals have supported clients in multiple geographies and sectors. They specialise in delivering some of the most complex projects. A multi billion dollar infrastructure project that is stalled owing to local political challenges, a factory unrest threatening the safety of critical stakeholders, a product launch that just cannot go wrong, a team of senior leaders who are responsible for an aggressive acquisition - these are a few out of numerous unique projects where we have consistently helped our clients in achieving their objectives.

We are humble enough to admit that we don’t know it all and we don’t serve all. Hence, we focus on doing what our clients trust us for - Providing business specific risk intelligence. Protecting at risk individuals and executives. Offering bespoke training programs. Delivering practical risk management solutions.

Through our Mumbai office, we support Asset Protection, Risk Consulting & Training mandates in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Our Risk Intelligence Services focuses on 40 countries.

We firmly believe in building and nurturing long term relationships with our clients. And, this cannot be achieved if we do not bring value. But, we also understand that a number of times clients may not know us.You may be uncertain about our work and our delivery capabilities. Hence, for select clients, we offer an opportunity to EXPERIENCE BEFORE YOUR PAY model.




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