Asset Protection

Securing What Matters Most To You
Key Highlights Since Establishing The Company in 2016
  • Successfully executed 120+ protective operations in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal
  • Protecting 20+ of the world’s most influential business leaders on their visits to India
  • Supporting 10+ Fortune 500 companies as their 24/7 Crisis Management Specialist in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
  • Supported 15+ crisis support projects
  • Serving as a trusted vendor partner to 20+ international risk management companies
Practical and Value For Money Asset Protection Solutions

All our asset protection solutions are tailored to meet your requirements. We take into account the threat environment and your business objectives. Whether your requirements are for a long term project or for a single event, we deliver practical and value for money solutions.



Unarmed Executive Protection

The company’s new factory is being inaugurated. But, angry locals don’t want you there!

If that sounded familiar, then you would know very well that there are no standard, off-the-shelf solutions for executive protection.
Protecting a high profile CEO who would be inaugurating a new factory Vs securing a team of employees executing humanitarian efforts in an earthquake hit region - both missions are critical but require a different approach.

Exactly why we balance protective efforts and threat environments with our clients objectives. This allows us to offer a tailored approach which is not only practical but also highly effective.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe operating environment where our clients can conduct their business with confidence, while minimising risks.

Travel Risk Management

India Accounts For 11% Of Total Global Deaths Due To Road Accidents

Now, you wouldn’t want your employee to be a part of that statistic - do you?

The likelihood of an employee falling victim to a terrorist attack is low. However, the likelihood of an employee getting caught up in a road traffic accident, especially in South Asia, is extremely high.

Even some of the most seasoned business travellers have been affected by poor ground travel experiences. Reasons vary from complacency to a complete lack of understanding of how to conduct safe travel in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Our objective is to keep your employees safe through secure transportation. We remove the external distractions so that your focus remains on your business objectives.

Crisis Management

A CEO shares his views on a local political leader. Now there are hundreds of his supporters wanting to bring down the factory.

When operating in unpredictable environments, you may find yourself in situations where practical crisis response can mean the difference between success and failure. At times - even life and death.

Having supported more than 15 crisis management projects since our inception in 2016, we know the value of intricate planning and executing with precision.

Because we possess local expertise, we understand the nuances on ground. And, because we understand the nuances on ground, we know what others may not and we see what others don’t. This gives us the edge required to manage a crisis effectively.


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