Risk Consulting

Risk Assessments & Audits

The Procurement Head proudly shares how the company is in “safe hands” because the biggest vendor is a company owned by a notorious politician. But, the “Risk Assessment Template” does not include political risk!

The cost of conducting risk assessments which are template dependent can be heavy.

Exactly why we draw upon the vast experience of our risk management professionals in conducting Risk Assessments and Audits. Our focus is on delivering comprehensive coverage of potential risks, supported by pragmatic assessments. This enables you to make informed decisions about the safety and security of your organisation, its operations and employees, inside and outside the workplace.

We anticipate, outline, and analyse each potential hazard within your organisation and in the area, country or region your operations are placed in, detailing the level of risks posed to your business.

Based on your requirements, we provide pragmatic recommendations to mitigate the risks and also support in the implementation of the proposed measures.

Security Design Consulting

One of Asia’s most prominent luxury apartment buildings will be home to some of the biggest personalities. World class security and safety needs to compliment the luxurious services on offer.

Turning a building in “Fort Knox” is easy. But, planning and implementing security that works efficiently but isn’t “felt” is an art form.

The expectations sitting deep within the end users and matching them is key. Given that each user has their own expectations, meeting expectations is easier said than done.

Our Security Design Consultants bring onboard their multifaceted experience and industry best practices to deliver bespoke design solutions.

Embedded Risk Consultants

A prominent local union leader wants to establish a union within your organisation. Formal requests turned into threats and physical assaults. Employees are fearful and losing confidence in the management.

Not always do organisations have the capacity to deal with specific risks. When they occur, they may seem like they are likely to worsen and remain forever. However, the fact is that by engaging the right professionals, such complex risks can be dealt with effectively. In many cases, they would also be eliminated completely.

Embedded Risk Consultants can be an excellent choice. Not only can their expertise start to lower the severity of the risk (sometimes sooner than expected!), but they also help in bringing desired results within a timeframe that enables the organisation to achieve business as usual.

Once the risk has been mitigated effectively, the company usually has the choice to continue or discontinue the service. Our primary objective is to resolve the core issue for which we are engaged.


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