Risk Intelligence

Monitoring PESTEL Risks, Delivering Business Specific Impact Analysis

If you’re a large business with presence in multiple geographies, then you’re most likely vulnerable to an array of risks, such as - Political, Economic, Social, Security, Technology, Environmental or Legal.

Proactive risk monitoring is considered a common business practice today. However, just risk monitoring isn’t good enough. It’s imperative to monitor relevant risks. And, understand the impact of those risks on your business.

At GRID91, we specialise in monitoring global PESTEL risks and delivering organisation specific impact analysis which helps you in taking better business decisions.

Tailormade Solutions To Address Specific Requirements

We understand that each organisation is unique. Approach towards risk management significantly varies from one business to another. Hence, we curate our intelligence solutions to support your requirements. Based on an understanding of your priorities, you can pick from our range of products. Each product has a unique offering. To derive maximum value, select the product or products which would address your needs.



PESTEL Risk Monitoring

Identifying, monitoring and analysing - Political, Economic, Social, Security, Technology, Environmental and Legal risks impacting your business.

The monitoring is specific to the markets in which you operate; bringing to your attention risk events that matter to you.

You can choose to receive daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Critical Event Monitoring

Specially designed for those decision makers who are firmly interested in monitoring specific risk events. Growing social unrest that threatens to impact your supply chain, rapidly changing political climate which may introduce radical policy shifts, a brewing humanitarian crisis, an extremist outfit presenting an escalating threat etc.

Our event specific monitoring helps you stay on top of specific risk events, enabling you to take timely and effective decisions.


If keeping track of risk events in near real time is one of your requirements, Lookout helps you achieve that. Be alerted of risk events as they occur.

Lookout provides you with concise information of business specific risk events. Importantly, it helps you understand if you need to act immediately or not.

COVID Tracker

Understanding COVID specific developments in geographies of business interest has become critical. Being on top of the COVID-19 situation, be it - severity of COVID-19, restrictions, vaccine roll outs, policy introductions, social unrest etc are vital for effective business continuity.

Through our Daily Tracker, Weekly Trends & Analysis, COVID Protest Tracker, Vaccine Rollout Tracker and more, we provide you with the desired clarity for planning against disruptions.

Disruption Forecasting

Proactive management of business continuity requires one to foresee disruptive events. Preempting risk events which can affect your supply chain, facilities, travel and employees safety can help you take proactive mitigation measures. These measures would either prevent or minimise the impact of potential losses to your organisation.

Our Monthly and Weekly Forecasts are just the right tools you need to identify disruptive events and act.

Country Outlook

A special report which provides a comprehensive understanding about the current political situation, militant activity, social unrest, threats to foreign businesses, as well as major policy changes introduced by the government.

This strategic report helps you remain abreast of ongoing developments in the country.


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