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Critical Event Assessment: Islamabad and Rawalpinidi brace for TLP protest

The Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) leadership stated on October 27 that its supporters had resumed their long march to Islamabad after talks with the Pakistani government failed. The talks were initiated by the Pakistani government in an effort to address TLP’s demands, including release of its chief and expulsion of the French ambassador, through negotiations (see details in next section).

Civil Unrest

8 Employee social media protest trends in 2020 for risk management professionals to remain aware of

Employee protests have been around ever since companies have been around. The methods adopted in conducting protests have been quite diverse; right from maintaining a moments silence to silent gatherings, sit-ins, walkouts, joint petitions, sloganeering etc. However over the recent few years, the evolution of employees using social media to voice their concerns has increased significantly.

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